Testimonials from real live humans that have purchased Sphere Promotional Gel Pens. 

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 I am in the financial services industry for 26 years, I have been using the Sphere pens for many years to give to my clients. They all love them! Every time we do portfolio reviews the last thing we talk about are "may I have more of those great pens". I also use them day to day, I really like the way they feel and write.
- Ronald M.


 I received a listing call from a gentleman I had met 2 years previously.  He said he lost my card, but kept "the cool pen"!  I will never be without personalized Sphere gel pens : )
- Garlene D.


 I have given away a lot of promotional items over the years, including different pens, and by far the Sphere Pen is everyone's favorite! I can't wait for my next order to arrive. Thanks to you for letting me know about this great product. - John Y.


 I have used Sphere roller pens for over 5 years and clients always comment on how well they write...and "do you have any more?". I highly recommend for your business. 
- Charles R


 Another Real Estate Agent in my office had these "good looking" Sphere gel pens and when I asked to try them out, WOW, I wanted some, too.  I've given these out to MANY clients (and strangers) and even when I go into my local bank........THEY BEG AND FIGHT over them and HIDE them so no one can else can have "their" great writing pens.
BEST and EASIEST way to promote yourself without even trying!! 
 -Gloria P.


 This is the best pen I have ever used or given away. My kids give them to all their friends at school. I have even found my competitors using them! You will love Sphere pens!
- Ruth R.

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