Why is Sphere Pen™ the best writing gel roller ball pen in the promotional industry?

 Smoothest writing promotional gel pen on the market.

 Soft-Push Retract Button is easy on the fingers and features a rounded edge. 

 Multi-Year shelf-life. Competitors have 8-12 MONTH shelf-life at best.

 Exclusive precision nano-roller technology allows for conistent line tolerance.

 Competitor pens perform the first 10% of ink consumption, then degrade.

 Ergonomically designed contoured grip for comfortable writing.

 Requires little to no hand pressure to write.

 Great for senior citizens & disabled folks.

 Comes in Black or Blue ink.

 Uniquely designed unbereakable Pocket Clip that actually functions as intended.

 Ample imprint area on barrel of pen allows for maximum message amplification.

 Your customers will come back for more!

 We print our pens here in Missouri USA!

 Writes in many different languages too:)


 Shouldn't your promotional pen's performance be synonymous with the quality of your company?

  Your company/organization/business is all about quality and your custom pens should represent that too. Face it, if the pen doesn't instantly become your target audience's favorite pen, guess where it usually ends up?
That's right, the round file (so, it's square).


 That in itself defeats the purpose of using any pen as a promotional vehicle. Right? Let Sphere Pen's unbelievable writing experience commemorate the moment you met them and create top-of-mind awareness with each & every use.

Sphere Gel Pens not only write super smooth but, the grip has been ergonomically designed to reduce writing fatigue.

People with arthritis and joint issues particularly appreciate the benefits too!


Skippy the Dog in the Pennel:

 We all have that coffee mug on our desk stuffed with pens from times past. Inferior & unreliable like little lost dogs. Every so often we empathetically yield to their whinning and for old times’ sake, we give Skippy another try. Sadly, because they leak or skip, we yell “bad dog!” and back they go to the sad, cold, but familiar ceramic resting place we call the pennel. Don't fret! There is a happy ending to this “tail” because Sphere Pen kept in a prominent place sticking up high and proud from the center of the cup (or pocket or purse) will remain as a beacon of better days ahead.


Promo Pen Marketing Factoids (we all love polls, right?):

  • Average cost per impression is less than one tenth of a percent!
  • Over 50% of U.S. consumers own a logoed writing instrument.
  • Slightly more women than men own a branded pen.
  • 73% of pen users keep a pen with them.
  • Over 60% use a pen 5-10 times every day!

$25 Referral credit!

Refer a friend & get a $25 referral credit towards any future order!

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